Working Out at Sundown!

Introducing: Working Out at Sundown, brought to you by Sundown Marathon and The Gym Pod! This workout is all about motivating the night-owls out there to get active and stay fit. We know that the daytime can get busy and hectic sometimes, so why not squeeze an awesome workout in while the sun is down?

We’re starting off with the basics: 4 foundational movements for you to complete at your own pace! No competing against others or against the clock. Simply download The Gym Pod App, register for the workout, complete the exercises while the sun is down, and claim your special Working Out at Sundown dri-fit t-shirt!

Sundown Workout

●  Jog for 10 minutes

●  30 Pushups

●  30 Situps

●  30 Squats

●  All at your own pace!

How does it work?

Download The Gym Pod App and create a user profile. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to tap to learn more about the workout from the Home Page or the shopping section and complete your registration. Once purchased, you’ll have access to the workout until 30 Nov, 23:59. Complete the workout as many times as you’d like from 5pm-7am while the sun is down.

Pricing: $8

Exclusive Entitlement

Download The Gym Pod App!

Do you have further questions?

 Kindly head to for more information!