Whether you are looking to conquer the night for the first time, maintain your running routine, or achieve your personal-best, embark on the OSIM Sundown Marathon 2020 training programme.

With the help of our pacers from  Running Department, we bring you an improved programme consisting of focused Training Runs. 

At $5 per Training Run, sign-up to enjoy many perks:

1. Get an OSIM Sundown Marathon 2020 Exclusive Merchandise Tee if you sign-up and attend 3 Training Runs!

2. Pace yourself with the help of our seasoned pacers at every run.

3. Improve your fitness level as you better understand yourself and your body through different training focuses per run.

4. Push yourself in a safe environment with the guidance of trained pacers and a friendly community.

5. Be supported by our Official Isotonic Sponsor Pocari Sweat, as you take on the distance.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned runner or if you’re only just breaking into your running gear, sign-up now to fully experience the joy and benefits of running!

Date & Time



22 February 2020

7.00 AM

12km (HM) / 24km (FM)

Parkland Green

14 March 2020

7.00 AM

15km (HM) / 27km (FM)

Turn 20

21 March 2020

7.00 AM

18km (HM and FM)

Tanjong Rhu Park Connector

28 March 2020

7.00 AM

15km (HM) / 24km (FM)

To be revealed!

18 April 2020

7.00 PM

21km (HM) / 30km (FM)

To be revealed!

16 May 2020

7.00 PM

12km (HM) / 18km (FM)

To be revealed!


Please follow the instructions below to register for the Training Runs:

Existing Participants:

1. Sign into your LIV3LY Account

2. If you do not have a LIV3LY Account, please request for a one-time password to login to your account.

3. Click on Purchase Merchandise

4. Under Training Runs, select the training runs which you would like to take part in

5. Click Add to Cart

6. Scroll down to the end of the page and click Check Out

7. A Purchase Success page will appear upon successful registration for the training run

New Registration:

1. Register to the OSIM Sundown Marathon 2020

2. Under Training Runs, select the training runs which you would like to take part in

3. Click Add to Cart

4. Click Proceed and complete your registration

1. All registered participants will receive a confirmation e-mail 3 working days prior to the Training Run.

2. Training runs are open to OSIM Sundown Marathon 2020 participants only.

3. Training runs are capped at 200 pax per session on a First-Come-First-Served basis.

*For OSIM Sundown Marathon 2020 participants only.


Elevate your OSIM Sundown Marathon experience beyond our Training Runs to feel confident and ready for Race Day. The Pacers from Running Department have crafted an exclusive expanded training plan for Half & Full Marathon runners to help them get through the distance. Make sure to follow the comprehensive training below and take your running routine a step further!