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What is the Mr Ho Kiat Chong Sundown Inspiration

The Mr Ho Kiat Chong Sundown Inspiration honours coaches and mentors in an athlete’s life. Mentors and coaches play an important role of an athlete’s journey.
They offer instruction, training, inspiration and support through good and bad times and play a crucial role at every stage from recreational athletes to podium-topping Olympians. Athletes are able to demonstrate extraordinary courage,
endurance, strength and resilience when they draw strength and inspiration from their mentors and coaches.

How to participate?

Submissions on inspiring stories will be evaluated based on how the nominees have demonstrated triumph over adversities and/or selflessness of the human spirit in a sporting context. Nominate someone who has worked for good causes
silently without recognition and compensation. Post your story on your respective social page and tag #mrhokiatchongsundowninspiration and email [email protected] Share with us who has made you who you are today. Your story could inspire others! 

What are the prizes?

The top 5 most inspiring posts with the most number of shares and likes stand to win an AMGD Thrill Pass of 10 meals worth $140.

Inspiration behind the Mr Ho Kiat Chong Sundown Inspiration

Mr Ho Kiat Chong, a strict and compassionate teacher, had spent a good 41.5 years in the teaching profession, first as a very young relief teacher in a primary school from 1963 to mid ‘64. He was transferred to Victoria School (VS),
his alma mater, in November ‘66 and spent the rest of his career teaching Mathematics, English, History, Physical Education and Moral Education until he retired in June 2005. He was also the teacher/coach for Soccer, Cross Country
and Track and Field.

“Mr Ho was my cross-country coach during my years in VS from 1997 to 2000,” recalled Teo Zhanrui who is currently a teacher in VS and also the coach for the school’s cross-country team. “A great reason for his coaching success was
his strong understanding on the benefits of gradual development of young student athletes. Not all runners are able to win medals but we sure saw significant improvement in our personal fitness over the years in VS.”

“All students regardless of background and abilities are treated equally and given same opportunity. One of his greatest gifts to his students was his trust in us. Students were trusted with responsibilities and this instilled in us
good values and helped build our character,” says another VS alumni, oil trader, Chan Joo Peng. Even years after his retirement in 2005, generations of students impacted by his work still remember and continue staying in touch with

Mr Ho is the inspiration behind the Sundown Inspiration Award which will be given to selected participants of Sundown Marathon who share their inspirational stories or journey. Like Mr Ho’s belief in his students, anyone can achieve
the best in themselves and the ordinary can achieve the extraordinary.