Start Pen Feeding for Half Marathoners & Full Marathoners

To ensure a smooth & safe start for our Half & Full Marathoners*, runners are pre-assigned to one of the 3 Start Pens Entries based on your estimated finishing time indicated during registration.

Please take note of your assigned Start Pen Entry & proceed accordingly to the right Start Pen Entry on race day.

*Runners in the 10KM Challenge and 5KM Earth Hour Run are not pre-assigned to any Start Pen. Entry into the earlier waves are based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Race Category Estimated Finishing Time Start Pen
42.195KM Full Marathon Below 4:00HRS Pen Entry 1
Between 4:00HRS to 5:00HRS Pen Entry 2
Above 5:00HRS Pen Entry 3
21.1KM Half Marathon Below 2:00HRS Pen Entry 1
Between 2:00HRS to 2:30HRS Pen Entry 2
Above 2:30HRS Pen Entry 3


Start Pen Details

Race Category Start Pen Start Pen Opening Flag Off Timing Bib Colour
42.195KM Full Marathon Pen Entry 1


(25 Mar)

From 12.01am, in waves

(26 Mar)

Bib A - Red
Pen Entry 2 Bib B - Dark Blue
Pen Entry 3 Bib C - Green
21.1KM Half Marathon Pen Entry 1


(26 Mar)

From 1.00am, in waves

(26 Mar)

Bib D - Yellow
Pen Entry 2 Bib E - Orange
Pen Entry 3 Bib F - Sky Blue