YOUR RUN, YOUR VOICE – Vote for your Favourite Quote

[Updated] Voting results are out! Here are the top 20 quotes as voted by runners you will see on the distance markers on race day. Congratulations to all winners, each of you will receive a 2 week’s supply of Sundown Power Up supplement from Fitlion worth SGD$40!

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[Updated] We have shortlisted our 40 favourite 5-word motivational quotes submitted by you runners for voting. Head down to our Facebook page, start voting for your favourite quotes, and the top 20 with the most Facebook 'likes' will be printed on the distance markers on race day.

If your quote is one of the chosen 20, you will also walk away with 2 week's supply of Sundown Power Up supplement from Fitlion worth $40!

Sundown Power Up is specially formulated by sports scientist for complete nutrition, improved stamina, performance and recovery for endurance athletes. Start voting today! 

*Voting closes 27 Nov (Sun) @ 5pm

When you get tired during a run, you need someone to tell you "shut up legs,keep going!" What better way to complete a run than having a fellow runner cheer you on?

Encourage fellow runners by visiting out facebook page, and sharing a motivational quote of EXACTLY 5 WORDS.

We will be shortlisting out favourite quotes, following which you will vote for your favourites. The top 20 quotes will be printed on the distance markers.

Get creative! Head down to our Facebook page, start sharing your favourite quotes, and you just might see it on a distance marker on race day! Runners of the winning quotes will also run away with prizes!

*Contest closes on 16 Nov (wed) @ 2359hrs

Vote for your Favourite Quote on the Distance Markers