Frequently Asked Questions

1. Registration

How can I register?
  • You can register online here.
What is the minimum age to participate in OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017?
  • 5KM Earth Hour Run (Kids): 6 to 12 years as of 25 Mar 2017. Adult supervision by a registered 5KM (Adult) participant is required. Due to safety reasons, one 5KM (Adult) participant can only be paired with one 5KM (Kid)
  • 5KM Earth Hour Run (Youth): 13 to 17 years as of 25 Mar 2017
  • 5KM Earth Hour Run (Adult): 18 years and above as of 25 Mar 2017
  • 10KM Challenge (Individual) and Team of 4: 16 years and above as of 25 Mar 2017
  • 21.1KM Half Marathon: 18 years and above as of 25 Mar 2017
  • 42.195KM Full Marathon: 18 years and above as of 25 Mar 2017
How much are the registration fees?
  • Click here for categories and fees chart.
How can I make payment?
  • You can make payment by VISA/MasterCard/Amex through the online payment portal which you will be directed to after you’ve duly completed your registration.
What is my Loyal Runner discount code?
  • Loyalty Rates are applicable to OSIM Sundown Marathon 2016 participants. If you are a OSIM Sundown Marathon 2016 participant, simply register using the same email address you used to register for OSIM Sundown Marathon 2016 to enjoy Loyalty Rates.
    * Loyalty Rates will only be valid until 31 Oct 2016. There will be no extension to this deadline.
Do I need to fill up the Indemnity form and seek parental/guardian consent if I’m below the age of 18 as of 25 Mar 2017?
  • Yes, participants below the age of 18 are required to seek parental/guardian consent before signing up for the race. They would be required to submit the signed Indemnity form during the Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC), failing which the Race Organiser reserves the right to refuse the entry of the participant. You can download the Indemnity form here.
How will I know if my registration for OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017 is successful?
  • Participants will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration. Your unique Registration ID will be reflected on the top of the confirmation slip.
Why have I not received my confirmation slip despite registering and making payment?
  • There could be several reasons:

1. The Confirmation Email has been blocked by your mail server or treated as Spam. Please check your Spam Inbox.
2. Your registration was not successful.
3. The email address entered at the point of registration was incorrect.

  • You may check registration status via the Participants’ Login Page here. You may also retrieve your Confirmation Slip at the Participants’ Login Page.
Can I transfer my race entry to someone else?
  • No. Race entries are strictly non-transferable. Personal information such as medical condition are tagged to each unique participant and competing on behalf of the registered participant is not permitted. The Race Organiser reserves the right to disqualify the race entry and/or refuse participant’s entry into the start pen for race entries that have been transferred.
Can I make changes to my particulars after completing my registration?
  • Yes. You may do so via the Participants’ Login Page here. Please note that you will not be able to change the following details:
    • Race Category
    • Email Address
    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Nationality
  • *Any changes must be made before 28 Feb 2017
When is the closing date for registration?
  • Registration closes on 28 Feb 2017, or whenever slots are filled, whichever earlier.
How does the “10KM Challenge Team of 4” team category work? Is it a relay?
  • The 10KM Challenge Team of 4 race category is not a relay. Rather, all 4 runners in the team will be flag off at the same time and run 10KM each. We will take the cumulative finish timings of the 4 runners. The top teams will be eligible for podium positions. Each runner will receive his/her runner’s entitlements.
How do I enter the Public Service Category?
  • If you are a public officer working in a government agency in Singapore, please contact your respective Sports Liaison Officers on participation in the Public Service Category and special promotions. Please email for further enquiries.

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2. Running Singlet & Finisher’s T-Shirt

Can I change the size of my Race Singlet after completing my registration?
  • Yes. You may do so via the Participants’ Login Page here.
  • *Singlet size selection is on a first come first served basis. Any changes must be made before 28 Feb 2017.
Why was I unable to select the size of my 42.195KM Full Marathon Finisher’s T-shirt during registration?
  • There is no need to pre-select the size of your 42.195KM Full Marathon Finisher’s T-Shirt. You will choose your sizing upon completion of the marathon on race day on a first come first served basis.
Will I get a Race Certificate after the race?
  • Participants who successfully complete the race in their registered race category will be awarded a Certificate of Participation. This entitlement will not apply to participants who are unable to complete the race within the stipulated cut-off timings, are disqualified or did not complete the race.
  • * Race Certificates are only applicable to timed race categories. This includes 10KM Challenge (Individual), 10KM Challenge (Team of 4), 21.1KM Half Marathon and 42.195KM Full Marathon.
When will I receive my Race Certificate?
  • Your Race Certificate will be made available on the Official Website within a month after the race for download.

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3. Race Entry Pack Collection

What do I need to produce to collect my Race Pack?

1) A copy of your NRIC/Passport (Both soft and hardcopies are accepted)
2) A copy of your Confirmation Slip (Both soft and hardcopies are accepted)
3) Signed Indemnity Form (For participants below the age of 18)
* The Race Organiser reserves the right to refuse participants without the above documents from collecting their race packs.

What if I’m unable to collect my race entry pack?
  • You may authorize a representative to collect it on your behalf. Please download and complete the Letter of Authorisation. Your representative must produce the following during collection:

1) A copy of their NRIC/Passport (Both soft and hardcopies are accepted).
2) A copy of your Confirmation Slip (Both soft and hardcopies are accepted).
3) Letter of Authorisation.

Where and when can I collect my race pack?
  • Date: 21-24 March 2017, Tuesday to Friday.
  • Time: 5.30pm – 10.30pm
  • Venue: F1 Pit Building, Singapore. 1 Republic Blvd, Singapore 038975

Visit here for more details.

I have signed up with my company. Can I arrange for a bulk collection?
  • Yes, bulk collection can be arranged for a group of 20 or more. Please write in to us at before 28 Feb 2017 to make special arrangements.

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4. Race Day

When will OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017 be held?
  • The run will take place during the night of 25 Mar 2017 (Sat) and possibly into the morning of 26 Mar 2017 (Sun).
What time does the event start?
  • Details will be revealed soon. Visit our website for updates.
What is the race route?

Click here for the race routes & hydration stations.

Will there be baggage deposit service available?
  • Baggage deposit will be made available to all runners. Runners are encouraged to arrive early to deposit their bags and avoid any delay as a queue is expected.
  • *While maximum care and security will be enforced, the Race Organiser will not be responsible for any loss or damaged items. Participants who choose to use this service may do so at their own risk.
How can I get to the race village?
  • Details will be revealed soon. Visit our website for updates.
Is it compulsory to wear the race bib?
  • Yes. Participants without their assigned race bib will be refused entry into the starting pen.
What is the flag-off time for each category?
  • 5KM Earth Hour Run – 8.30pm (25 Mar)
  • 10KM Challenge – 9.35pm (25 Mar)
  • 42.195KM Full Marathon – 12.01am (26 Mar)
  • 21.1KM Half Marathon – 1.00am (26 Mar)

*Flag off timings are tentative, subjected to changes from the Singapore authorities.

*Participants who fail to arrive before the start pen of the registered category closes will be disqualified from the race.

Click here for more details.

What are the Cut Off Timings?
  • All 5KM Earth Hour Run Race Categories: 2 hours 30 mins
  • All 10KM Race Categories: 2 hours 30 mins
  • 21.1KM Half Marathon: 4 hours 30 mins
  • 42.195KM Full Marathon: 8 hours
Are there different flag-off timings for the 5KM Earth Hour Run Kids, Youth and Adult race categories?
  • No. All 5KM Earth Hour Run participants will be in the same flag off.

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5. Others

Please write to us at